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PSL is a shipping company born on January 1st, 2014, to take advantage of all know how acquired by the network of Agencies NAIP in Portugal , Naiber in Angola, NAI in São Tomé, NMA in Netherlands and Naibras in Brazil , where dedicated and professional teams take quick decisions and fast replies ,in order to provide an unique service.

PSL is mainly focused on the international trade to Angola an São Tomé, difficult markets where our teams can offer a first class logistics service , both in maritime transport on our own vessels and in internal distribution in these markets.

PSL offers regular and direct services from Portugal ( Lisbon and Leixões) to São Tomé, Luanda, Lobito and Namibe, with a fleet of modern container vessels of 2.000-2.500 TEUS as well multi-purpose vessels more suited for general cargoes. In Angola we operate a weekly feeder vessel between Luanda, Cabinda and Soyo, which makes PSL the favorite company on those territories .

PSL has also a complete fleet of containers, including all kind of dry and special equipment..